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Uupgipter - Data Beacon Droid


Uupgipter Data Beacon Droid

(Lore) In the future, information is critical. The Uupgipter droid acts like a cloud storage beacon to anyone who's nearby. Capable of transferring massive amounts of data, the Uupgipter droid saves a variety of digital data without the hassle of going through the use of modern-day-equivalent clunky portable drives. 

The focus of Uupgipter's importance is as follows..

As mankind progresses, their advancements cause them to develop cybernetic brains in the future. With these new brains paired with the cloud abilities of the Uupgipters, anyone can now effectively cheat death, transfer their conscious to portable bodies, and send/save memories to others without the need of visual/verbal communications a.k.a "Alzheimers-Be-Gone".

The droids function by collecting data from the people around it wirelessly, which then transfers its information to the nearest "Gold Box permanent data storage unit" for permanent global cloud storage. When individuals seek information, all they have to do is seek a nearest "Gold Box Unit" to acquire data.


The droid is a quadrupedal mech. The whole structure is well balanced and can stand dominently without supports. It is highly mobile and solidly strong with their flexible ball joints added with interlocked leg constructs. The body is comprised of hard webbed design that boast its integral durability. The head is a simple canister shape control box that houses several wireless sensors and detectors.

All "GoldBox Data Units" are plated in extremely durable materials. Due to its nature as a permanent structure, the boxes have almost no mobility except being able to deploy or house itself.

These two units are usually accompanied by a cyborg engineer. All engineers are partialy organic as a fail-safe measure incase by chance mechanical backup protocol is unavailable.

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