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The Sheriff of Nottingham


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"The Sheriff of Nottingham"

Here is a scene based from the 13th Century on the Famous The Sheriff of Nottingham, Robin Hoods Arch Enemy!

The Story So far... Robin Hood steals from the Rich and Gives to the Poor, He will Attempt to steal the Sheriffs Horse, Jewels, Gold Etc and its upto The Sheriff and his Men to stop Him!

It contains around 1727 parts.

I made it Modular in design so that you can re-create a bigger forest scene if you had more than 1.

The Set could include;-

  • 3 Seperate modular bases that attach with Technic pins.
  • 8 Minifigures, The Sheriff, Maid Marion and 4 Guards, Robin Hood and Little John.
  • 1 Castle with Working Wrought Iron Gate that Winches up and locks into place by pushing the Technic Part to Jam the Handle.
  • Above the Gate there is a Boulder Trap (on a Hinge) that drops them on to any Suspected Bandits.
  • 1 Arched Bridge (I used Hinges Underneath Bridge to create curve)
  • 3 trees in Sherwood Forest (This is actually a real Forest and not just a story)
  • 1 tree has a secret hatch nearby where Robin Hood stores his Loot. (see Photo)
  • 1 working Horse Cart with Crates etc
  • A Boat with oars.
  • 2 Storage drawers built into bases for storing the accessories. (See Photos) i.e Swords, Animals etc
  • A Camp Fire, Wood Chopping block with an Axe (The Axe Fits into a 2x1 brick that I rotated 180 degrees)
  • A few Chickens, Pigs, Birds, Toads and 3 Horses etc

This would make an Epic lego Model and would have a lot of play Value :)

Be sure to check out all the photos

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