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Wind powered upwind cars with rotatable minifig bicycle wheels

Youtube video for V6: (HD 720p)

Lego wind power car v6 pull duck 2011 toy story .

Youtube video for V5: (HD 720p)

Lego wind power v6 engine rotatable Minifig bicycle wheels car.

Youtube video for V4: (HD 720p)

LEGO wind powered rotateable mini fig bicycle wheels V4.
Two wheels of Vader's bicycle rotate by win power.

Youtube video for V3: (HD 720p)

This car use 20 bricks only, Move upwind even with small and low efficiency propeller & big wind resistance.


LEGO wind powered car mini.
Made from only 30 pcs of lego parts.
With just a breeze the car can move upwind.
This car also can climb slope.

Lego wind powered tank track car.

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