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LEGO Sand Castle


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Come to the beach for the LEGO Sand Castle! This castle is every child's dream come true! You can swim, dig, sit on the sandy throne, keep a watch from the tower or put in the flag! This project includes the castle with a throne room, watch tower and blue flag on top, a small stream running in the front, a bit of beach terrain you can change for creativity, some water and a shovel. The Minifigure is a child in a swimming suit, and also the entrance of the castle is so low that only a child can enter.

This would be a good set to get because of the things you can do with it. You can change up the stream section, the beach section and the water section if you get bored of the default set up. This would be a simple yet fairly fun LEGO set for you of your child. The price would be around $10-$13 for it. A pretty good price. So please support this project and tell me of your own, or if you have ever wanted to enter a full-sized sand castle as a child, or even as an adult. I have! Well, goodbye!


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