Nutrition Space Transport Set

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After the founding of second space base on Planet D-209 in 2289 A.D., officials named the settlements Colony-1 and Colony-2. Inhabitants and workers protested, they wanted some variety in their cruel and bleak environment.
A member of the first generation residents of Colony-1, almost 100yrs before, a chinese astronaut had brought his pet to the base illegally. According to records it was a very cute but ill-mannered red panda, loud in the night as being a nocturnal animal.
So inhabitants decided to honor this panda as a sacred animal in a funny way. They erected a statue to it ( look at here , build it), and its color scheme was used wherever it was possible. And they called their homeplace "Pandamonium" from that time.
Food industry had revolutionary development those days. They could produce almost the most foodstuff from a very few number of complex synthetic material. They only needed to ship materials to the colonies, and everybody could prepare the wanted food at home in a minute - they had to mix two or three ingredients simply.
There was a revolution in freight too at that time. They could slightly bend the inner space of bottles, and it resulted in a little slip of time. So they filled up the bottle, then bent the space, and it seemed that nothing has happened before. They could load a bottle 3 times at once this way, more wouldn't have been economical because of the procedure's great energy demand.
It's strange but the total weight of a bottle like this (called "black hole" even if it wore any other colours) was more than all the three loads, and due to this they needed special cargo vehicle with crane.

After researching the histories of vehicle factories, leaders of Pandamonium asked italian to plan and produce a little cargo rover for them to revive the forgotten name of Fi.t Panda.
This new Panda Space was able to transport the amount of food what Pandamonium demanded monthly. And it has the colours of red panda officially, of course.

F.rd Beluga was a weaponless general freight spacecraft. It had many different versions; it was due to its easily extendable body which was installed under the fixed wings. Hence the wings their only common thing was the world's first fusion cell-based engine. It contained 6 cells in a radial layout, and was a very reliable, robust, exceptionally strong propulsion.
Her registry number was LL174.

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Features: openable cockpit, openable carrier space doors at the back, two "container, cupboard" on sides.. Has passed a stability test of my 5yrs old boy.