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Customizable Cars



It has occurred to me that I neglected to post my inspiration for these cars in the description. Apologies! Here it is:
My inspiration was classic. Like many loyal players, I was devastated when LEGO Universe was shut down. I spent countless hours racing on the tracks there, my favorite pastime. After its closure, I decided to replicate some of the racing cars I dearly loved. After months of scouring Google Images for obscure screenshots, I was finally able to replicate the basic car chassis. I immediately began to experiment with building different panels (as well as replicating some of my favorites from LU) As fate would have it, I finished my first batch of cars almost as soon as LEGO Ideas was launched, and I immediately decided to post it there. I'd love to see the cars sold in an official set!



Oh, I forgot to mention - this project has a very personal story for me. You see, I have extended family who live in Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, their family situation is not good at all. One of my aunts has Multiple Sclerosis, and cannot work. Another aunt was just laid off, and has no job. My grandmother is ailing, and very close to death. You cannot imagine how heartbreaking it is to call them, and feel like nothing can be done to help them.

My extended family has always been very kind to me, and now I want to give back to them.

If this project reaches 10,000 supporters and is chosen as the next official LEGO Ideas set, all profits made will go directly to supporting my family. 

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