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Customizable Cars


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Greetings, LEGO fans!

Do you love LEGO cars? I do.

This is a proposal for a set of Customizable Cars - one plain (very basic) chassis, and all the detail added onto six clip-on bumpers: front and back bumpers, two side panels, an engine panel, and a hood panel. I propose one set, with pieces to build a basic chassis or two. The set should also include pieces for around six or seven different 'themed' sets of bumpers and panels, along with ideas for many more.

Alternate pictures 1 and 2 are photos of the plain, basic car chassis. The remaining pictures are Digital Designer Renders that show just how diverse the vehicle can get, using just the same basic car chassis!

If you liked this project, and would like to possibly see it as an official set, please support it and spread the word, it really helps me out! Remember, every little bit helps when you've got one year to reach 10,000 supporters!

Thanks for looking, I really appreciate it!

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