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Zenvo TS1


Hello everyone and welcome to my latest vehicle!
For most car enthusiasts this is just a Zenvo ST1, but ask the fanatics about it and you'll get a "of course it's not a ST1!" as an answer. That is because despite 90% equal externally, the ST1 and the TS1 are different cars, and that difference lies inside the machines.

Engine or interior, new air splitters or exclusive seat colors, many things changed where the eyes won't catch by the first look. 
This car is unique and better looking than almost all "common" hypercars, and my creation seeks to achieve the best detailing as possible. It features:

- Opening doors, hood and trunk;
- Adjustable seats backboard;
- Adjustable steering wheel height;
- Detachable engine;  and
- Nearly 1150 pieces;

It is 1:17 scaled. More details can be seen in the video!

If you liked it, please give your support, I'd be so glad!
Thanks for seeing and have a nice day!

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