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Old & Classic Medieval House


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There are many LEGO houses available for all of us to purchase based off of common houses found in our neighbourhoods, but did you ever dream of owning your own LEGO Medieval house? One from the past? It took me 1 month of planning and 3 months of building to come up with this final result. The minifigures inlcuded are all custom, including Jack (the boy), Jim (his father), the brown horse and lastly the white barn owl. The roof is removable. This MOC features a classic desk, a kitchen, a workplace area with weapons (axes, swords etc.), a horse stable, a garden, a bench, a accesible attic with a painting room and a bedroom and much much more! To watch a tour of this set, click on the YouTube video attached below. I really hope you all enjoy this model. :)

Raneem A.K.A Architecht Rory

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