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3-in-1 Steam Locomotive


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Important note:

Like a LEGO Creator set, each locomotive must be built separately. In other words, one of the three locomotives can be built from one set.

What inspired this project:

Yesterday night, on August 13th, I looked on the LEGO Online Shop at the LEGO Creator sets. They looked awesome, and then I thought to myself, "The LEGO Company has a good selection of train sets, but it would be cool to have a LEGO train set that has three different builds." And so, I got to work, and I finished building all the locomotives today on August 14th. Now, here they are! I hope you enjoy these models. :-)

Project details:

This project is 353 pieces. The steam locomotive, the main build, uses all of the pieces. Meanwhile, the switching locomotive is 241 pieces, and the trolley with the mini station is 226 pieces. The steam locomotive has small, working coupling rods. A small interior is beheld inside the cab, and there is a bit of coal detailing in the tender.

The switching locomotive has swiveling trucks, exhausts and lighting on the snoot, and a lifting roof to reveal the interior cab details. Lastly, the trolley has a small interior for a driver and room for maybe three passengers. The roof of the trolley can lift up to reveal the inside... Hmm, I think I see a pattern here... Anyway, there is also a small station platform which includes one seat, one lamp, and one umbrella for shading.

Just a (few) quick question(s):

Perhaps if you've seen most of my projects, then you might remember the Convertible Train project. This project, like the 3-in-1 Steam Locomotive, can be built into other things. However, this project could be built into five different models, while this project can only be built into three. This is my question...excuse me, these are my questions: Which project is/was better? Should the Convertible Train be brought back in the future? Should more building options or more pieces be introduced for any of these two projects?


Have a great day, everyone, and thank you so much for viewing this project! If you have any suggestions for another project, or if you think something needs to be corrected in this project, please let me know in the comments section. I just want to let you know is that I will be gone for about nine days. Don't worry, because I will be back again! Goodbye for now, folks, and take care! :-D Project built by Joseph cheeseinthepie. Built 8/13/2019. Uploaded 8/14/2019.

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