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Musical Polyphonic Theater


Great event in Lego city! Opening of the first Musical Polyphonic Theater!

The grandiose compositions on the organ will open, the brilliant program on the grand piano will continue and the fantastic performance of the jazz orchestra will end. The structure of the jazz orchestra is a piano, a saxophone, a drum set, a contrabass and a guitar.

Journalists are invited to comment the Opening. Before the Premiere, reporters interview about the upcoming event. Then they make a live television of concert for Lego city.

People meet in the square in front of the theater before the Premiere. At the entrance, the controller checks the tickets, then the visitors take places in the concert hall. Who needs can take binoculars from the controller.

The concert begins. Thanks to perfect acoustic, the concert hall is filled with pure sound. This allows musicians to show all the virtuosity of their game, and the visitors to get esthetic pleasure. At the end of the concert, viewers burst into standing ovations and give flowers to the musicians.

The architecture of the theater is made in the classical style, underlined by perfect symmetry. The facade is decorated with tall columns, beautiful square decoration in the centre of the roof and luxury stucco.

Easily removable roof gives access to the concert hall.

The theater is designed in the size buildings of the Lego city and will bring variety to the cultural life of the citizens.

Yours sincerely,

Max Goroditskiy!