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SpaceX Falcon Heavy


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"Whether the rocket succeeds or fails, it's going to be exciting" - Elon Musk
This project is about the Falcon Heavy rocket, a rocket launched on February 6, 2018, has the capacity to take humans to the moon and as if that were not enough it is the most powerful rocket that is still in use, its power is equivalent to 3 rockets falcon 9 and has sent the first chariot to orbit the sun.

About this project

At the beginning I wanted to make a rocket with only circular pieces, but I discovered that with another construction technique I could put a greater width, and thus make it more realistic, so I did it, and I was satisfied with the final result, the next step was to make a system that could make it strong and resistant when coupled, but that could be easily uncoupled, for that technique I relied on the LEGO Saturn V, I did it, and I was satisfied, and everything else was very easy, so if you do click the blue button, you can make this project an official set.
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