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D. Dastardley and Muttley's 00 car from Wacky Races


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This Lego Set is dedicated to two of the most famous characters of the cartoon world, known around the world: D. Dastardley and his dog Muttley with their car "00." 

The series Wacky Races, is loved since almost fifty years by children of all ages and adults for his clean humor and irony, typical of the animated series by Hanna and Barbera. 

This big fame makes it a product directed to a wide clientele on a global scale. 


My personal market survey, made ​me realize that even though Wacky Races is a very popular series, its potential has not yet been fully exploited. 


The possibility of development would be significant, as this series contains many other extravagant characters and their vehicles.


The model I present is made with Lego Digital Design and then retouched with Photoshop. The project is realized with great care, trying to respect all the rules of Lego Ideas, trying to use different types of bricks, to make sure that the installation is fun and the final object is solid.


The two mini-figures, were made using only existing pieces with some color changes. it is evident that it would be nice to be able to produce characters with heads modeled. 


I am convinced that this set can have a great response. I hope you enjoy it and that you support it with your vote. I would be grateful! And, if you will be in Padua, my city, it will be a pleasure for me to offer you a good cup of coffee and talk about ... LEGO! 




Davide Z.

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