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Lego Bowling


Let's go bowling! This bowling set mimics the fun of an older style bowling alley where you actually write down and add your score. It comes with a pen and paper on the score table with chairs attached to each other that swivel around like real ones. The set also includes a table with drinks and a chicken wing on a plate. The bar style stools are attached to each other and attached to the table. The balls are made from lego heads so they really roll down the bowling alley and can fall into the deep gutters. There's a ball retrieval which also holds the balls. On the retrieval there's a vent to blow cool air up to dry off hands before bowling. Two lego people come complete with bowling shoes and the male comes with a bowling glove. The pins are ready to be knocked down and the light display at the top shows how many pins are left. 

I made this for all the people who love bowling and those who love the older style bowling before it was digital. 

This would make an excellent lego set because of the fun in building the different objects you find in a bowling alley and also because you can actually play by rolling the ball down the alley. It's unique, playful, and fun for all ages. The bowling shoes make it more rad and realistic. Now let's go bowling!

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