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The Clock (Video Include)

                                                 This is the futur Lego set !

<font _mstmutation="1">This is a link of the creation, if you want to see how its works
<font _mstmutation="1">It est une horloge qui fonctionne grâce à un mécanisme sublime, fait de l’assemblage des engrenages! Tout ce que vous avez à faire est de tourner le levier à l’arrière du futur ensemble Lego, de sorte que les mains tournent comme une vraie horloge! Cette constitution est tout un système d’engrenages qui fonctionne parfaitement bien.

I built this fabulous clock (which is the result of more than a month of work), because looking through the different Lego sets, I found that there was no clock that worked with basic parts. . Indeed, my main goal was not to perform a lymphatic clock, and it does not work, which would be greatly shameful. My goal was to create a set that indicates the time with pieces that can be found anywhere, in any set. We can also add a Lego engine, which will have the task of turning the needles using its energy. It's the future Lego set!

You have been my Pygmalion and thank you very much.

Being someone's pygmalion means being the one that allows someone else to achieve something.

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