Product Idea

Taco Fiesta

Tacos! Do you like tacos? If you do, this LEGO build would be perfect to have and display on your desk. With two tacos, beans, and some tortilla chips, this build is the best LEGO taco display of all! Also, below is the link to the original build if you want to check it out. 

Why did I build it?
Like I already said, tacos are great! I like to eat them whenever I get the chance to have some, so I think having a LEGO version would be cool. Also, with this build containing around 650 pieces, it wouldn't be hard to build, and isn't very big at all. 

Here are some of the features if this build:
  • two tacos with many different food items inside each one
  • one bowl of beans
  • three tortilla chips
  • a base to put all the food on top
  • around 650 pieces
  • lettuce, beef, cheese, taco sauce, and olives on each taco

Each taco contains around 160 pieces, and has the ingredients listed above. The base is built with some round 1 by 1 bricks, and some tile plates. The crust of the tacos are built with a tan color, and have curved edges that resemble the taco well. The crust is connected to the bottom of the taco with some 1 by 2 hinge plates. The chips are simple but have one cool element that makes up the main portion of each one. That piece is the 2 by 2 half square tile plate. The last part of this build is the bowl of beans. The beans are built with some 1 by 1 round plates, and some racecar helmets. 

Here are some links to some of my other food related project ideas: The Burger LunchSushi Lunch.  

Thanks for checking out this build, please support this idea so it can reach the 10k mark! Also, if you have any suggestions for an update, please let me know in the comments section. Thanks!