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John Deere Tractor


Since 1918, when the first John Deere tractor was released, their machines have been a staple for agriculture worldwide. Now you can have the chance to own one in brick form!

This set is designed with everyone in mind, whether you're into farming or not. This set appeals to vehicle enthusiasts, collectors, and has plenty of play features for younger builders too! It has 271 pieces, and would face no real licensing issues if it were to be produced. It includes a farmer minifigure, a cow, and two crows. 

  • The tractor has a removable cab roof to seat a minifigure inside, and has details such as a comfy seat, steering wheel, and dashboard! It also has realistic engine, exhaust, and cab light detailing.
  • A trailer is included which can be connected to the tractor's hitch. It has opening ends and folding sides, and can hold any sort of cargo.
  • A separate corn field is included, and has eight corn stalks which can be 'cut' down by the farmer and placed into the trailer to be hauled away to market or back home. Watch out for the crows and the cow; they'll eat the crop!

If you'd like to own a set like this, or know someone who would, then please share the word and support this set so we can hit 10,000 supporters!


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