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Power Rangers 2017 HQ/ Morphin Grid


GO! GO! POWER RANGERS! The Power Ranger comes back in the new movie "POWER RANGERS" from the year 2017. The five teenagers JASON, ZACK, BILLY, TRINI and KIMBERLY found the mystic MORPHIN'-COINS with which they can morph themselves into the POWER RANGERS. They need to get to their HQ to theMorphin Grid because the evil RITA REPULSA found their HQ and want to destroy the MORPHIN-GRID and the speaking Wall and Mentor of the POWER RANGERS ZORDON. Can they stop her? This is the HQ and Morphin'-Grid of the Power Rangers of the movie "POWER RANGERS"  from the year 2017. This set includes: Jason Scott, Zack Taylor, Billy Cranston, Trini Kwan, Kimberly Hart, ALPHA 5, Rita Repulsa and the RED/YELLOW/BLACK/BLUE/PINK Ranger. (12 Minifigures) I built it because I want make a model for all the Power Rangers fans. I think it'll be great because maybe lots of fans of Power Rangers would get it  If you're a really big fan of Power Rangers than write in the coments #GO! GO! POWER RANGERS!

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