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Vintage Redefined


I have always been fascinated with vintage cars. They are beautiful. They remind us of the era gone by, when the cars were hand-crafted for those exquisite looks. Since the days the first cars hit the road, the automobile technology has continually evolved. More efficient, more powerful and safer cars have come up. But the classic looks of the oldies still rein the heart of the real car lovers. So I thought it would be a great idea to build a car that would combine beauty with power and safety. This car would redefine the beauty of the vintage cars.
My design has been created on the platform of the original vintage cars, retaining the two-seater cabin and the curved bonnet along with a Stepney tyre on the side. Aerodynamic front and back enhance the fuel efficiency of the car. Grill headlamps, horn on both sides and dual-exhaust tips give the car a sporty look.
I created this piece with my “Lego Creator Vehicle Transporter 3-in-1”. When I bought this set I did not know that it would not just be a toy for me. Rather it opened up whole new creative avenues for me. My project, ‘Vintage Redefined’, is one of my better creations, moulded using 182 pieces of my Lego Creator. Since the project has been created with an already available Lego Set, with some modifications and improvements, the project would make a great Lego Idea.