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Willis Tower



This is the Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois. The Willis Tower is the 19th biggest building in the world at 1729 ft (526.69 m). And 1453 ft (442.87 m) without the antennas. In LEGO this is 3.38 ft (1.032 m) TALL without the antennas. And 3.92 ft (1.19 m) with antennas. And made with 2810 LEGO pieces. This is truly one of the tallest could be LEGO sets EVER. The heights are all consistent with the real building.


I chose to create the Willis Tower because I live in the Chicago Suburbs and I was always inspired by the Willis Tower and how that was one of the biggest building the world and I was a 30 minute drive away from it. Then as I grew older I figured "How cool would it be to create the Willis Tower and make it big?" So I embarked on a 3 month long journey to creating the Willis Tower. With now the hope of using your help to get such an amazing building on the lego store. 

Why this would make a good LEGO set?

Just the size of this set would qualify the set to be put in a store. Along with the history of this building. Putting this building in LEGO stores would bring joy and happiness to the people of the the great city of Chicago. And to anyone anywhere in the world who holds such a beloved skyscraper.

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