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Jurassic World Gyrosphere


Now you too can roll around the wilderness in a world famous Gyrosphere!  From the amazing movie Jurassic World, the Gyrosphere can take you anywhere you want to go.  As the Gyrosphere rolls, an outer handle (light blue in the pictures making it easier to see but would probably be clear in the set) allows you to keep the contents on the inside of the sphere upright (pictures showing that the inside rotates 360 degrees to clear the dome). 


  • Completely symmetrical round sphere outer dome
  • Zach and Gray figures complete with phone and camera
  • Opening/Closing Gyrosphere door just like in the movie!
  • Movable feet, arm, and head rests
  • Built in computer monitor and navigation shifter

Completely safe! Unless Indominus Rex shows up....

Thank you to everyone for the support! Please feel free to contact me with suggestions and I would greatly appreciate if you took a look and supported my other projects as well!

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