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Thunderbird 4


5-4-3-2-1 Thunderbirds (Lego form) are Go!

Here is my Lego design of the iconic Thunderbird 4 from the Classic 60's TV Series 'Thunderbirds'.  I have tried to capture the design of Thunderbird 4 as well as I could.

This set is based on the episode 'Day of Disaster'.  Hence I have included a model of the Martian Probe trapped behind debris for Thunderbird 4 to clear before the Martian probe lifts off and explodes!

The model features 3 minifigures; the engineer trapped inside the Martian probe, Gordon Tracy (in International Rescue uniform) and another Gordon in his diving gear (complete with flippers, oxygen tank and goggles).

The Thunderbird 4 craft itself features

  • a movable halogen lights array;
  • tools to attach to the front, including a saw, claws and magnetic buffers (seen in the main picture);
  • open the top to reveal the cockpit, allowing Gordon to be removed;
  • open the back to access the accessories and Gordon in diving gear

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