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Sandy Wonder


​This pyramid boasts four chambers on the bottom floor. The kings chamber holds the pharaoh and who knows  how to get into the treasure room? And if you do, how do you get out with the goods? As you will see, a couple of treasure hunters did not make it. Watch out for the guards waiting at the stair entrances. There are two secret chambers, even though one holds the jewels you are looking for, the other one has a skeleton waiting for you.

This was an extremely fun build with plenty of small pieces that can be placed where you want them. It is a fairly large structure at 15"x10"x15", but it's design allows for a very strong and solid structure. There are only about one thousand pieces, yet all four levels are easily viewed. The set includes four mini figures, two skeletons, three treasure chests with one hidden treasure cache, numerous weapons, three maps to the king's treasure, and the king's tomb.

This would be a fun build for kids and adults alike. Post your support  for this project, so we can get one of the worlds greatest wonders out there Lego style. Thanks!


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