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The Causeway

Giant's Causeway is a geological marvel in Northern Ireland. It is a cluster of around 39,000 basalt columns, each roughly hexagonal, each formed during the same volcanic eruption. It is a famous tourist destination, and in mythology was the remnants of a bridge across the ocean used by giants.

With this model, you can bring the causeway into your home.

  • The hexagonal columns are perfectly distanced on all sides, using a unique and innovative technique that will inspire you during the building process.
  • The columns can be removed and placed in any order around the hexagonal base, meaning you can fully customise it to represent any topography you choose.
  • A diverse cast of Lego figures is enjoying the causeway. Artists, underwater photographers, readers, holidaymakers, drone enthusiasts, and writers are enjoying it together.
  • Six legs on a hexagonal base allows for expansion, but also gives the piece a dynamic, angular look which will stand out in your collection.

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