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Star Wars Rebels TIE-Interceptor with Hangar


I recently realized that lego doesn't have a Tie-Interceptor set. Well they did have one way back in 2005 or 2006 but that one is over 10 years old and we need a more updated one. So when I saw the Tie-Interceptor in the new star wars rebels episode I decided I would make one. Here it is:

The set contains a TIE Interceptor, a TIE docking clamp and 4 minifigures. It is based of the recent Star Wars Rebels Episode, The Antilles Extraction.


The TIE-Interceptor has 4 flick missile launchers and 4 wingtip blasters. The cockpit holds 1 minifigure and the top hatch opens just like in the show. The in side of the cockpit contains a bunch of control panels, 2 joysticks and a seat. The viewport /windshield can also be removed quite easily for if yu want to position the minifigure inside. It also has orangey-yellow highlights to show it is Captain Vult Skerris' TIE-Interceptor.

TIE Docking Clamp:

This is one of the Storage clamps found on the Skystrike Academy which holds the TIE-Fighters and TIE-Interceptors. It has two arms which will hold the TIE-Interceptor and a small walkway for the pilot to get to their cockpit. It can stand on the 2 supporting legs or be hung off the wall by using the holes on the back and some nails. 


This set contains 4 Minifigures: Governor Price, Captain Vult Skerris, Sabine Wren and Wedge Antilles. Vult, Sabine and Wedge all have tie fighter pilot gear and helmets. Vult would also need an orangey-yellow line down his arms and legs for his captain markings. Vult and Wedge have blaster pistols, Governor Price has a normal blaster and Sabine has her dual mandolorian blasters.

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