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Ultimate Doctor Who TARDIS - It's Bigger Inside the Box!

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I am very proud to present to you the Ultimate Dr. Who TARDIS! Just pop the roof off, open the front door, unfold the set! When you're finished, the set folds back up into the compact frame and clamps shut.

This project took a lot of sweat to squeeze out the many ideas I had and I am very happy with the final product. I combed through my entire collection to assemble this, however most of the pieces are not hard-to-find - thus making this set affordable.

This TARDIS is fully functional to fold out, presenting an entirely new set on the inside. It is durable (see YouTube video), robust and has a multitude of features and small details that were painstakingly thought out so as to fit the most possible cool stuff inside!

:::::PERKS & FEATURES:::::
1) It's really solid - I did a drop test and it really held together. For regular use (i.e. my attempt at being a kid again) see the YouTube videos of me shaking it!

2) Tons of detail! New minifigs! The perfect addition for any LEGO or Dr. Who fan-families!
HD Pictures
3) It clasps shut very securely and is easy to open and close in a matter of seconds

:::::The Inside:::::
1) Three unique areas:
[RIGHT] Control Room with 360 degree chair. The K9 minifigure has a kennel space underneath!
[MIDDLE] TARDIS Central Station
[LEFT] Cafe/Globe observatory with trap door, which opens to drop you down to a Dalek!

Pop the roof off, open the front door, unfold the set!
1) YouTube:

2) YouTube:

:::::The Outside:::::
1) The police box looks great alone and the top can be opened for a small display and comes with a decal that reads "Police Public Call Box"
2) There is a smaller "to scale" police box (not shown here) used for holding the minifigs and stair piece I made

:::::Qualms/Not shown/For Version 2.0:::::
- The outside would probably be refined by LEGO
- I would like to include a Dalek and K9 but need more pieces to make these additions
- I would like to include the small "to scale" box but I ran out of the right pieces
- A better color for the inside - the grey and black may be too monochrome?
- A wanted poster decal for a villain

***Thanks to***
- My girlfriend for putting up with two solid days of LEGO mania
- LEGO for the LEGO movie, which got me to pull out my bins this weekend

Click here to see the HD Pictures

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