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This is my Tumbler project, my 2nd project to date.
It is a MOC I made based on the Batman Dark Knight Tumbler, but obviously it isn’t totally accurate to the actual one. It just gives the overall feel of the real thing in Minifig scale. It doesn't have any firing functions or other play features, it’s more focused on looks. 
That is not to say you can't play with it. The size of the wheels and the size of the vehicle makes it ride really well, and it's reasonably strong. It also has a surprising amount of side-to-side roll thanks to the small amount of give in all the bricks and axles used to attach the wheels. The cabin isn't very exciting, but you can fit a Batman Minifig plus a passenger into the cabin, and they both can kind-of see out of the windscreen. Also note the sticker on front and Batman is from the official Lego Tumber set (7888).
I am very proud of this and hope you will support my project. To 10,000!
-Dark Knight Batman
Length: 19cm (24 studs) 
Width: 13cm (16 studs) 
Height: 6.7cm (7 bricks)
Ages: ~6 – ~99
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