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Water Lily


Real Build--Proof of Concept

Hey guys! This project is about to expire, but I will definitely be resubmitting. I wanted to show you a little preview of a build I did to show that the flower could actually be built. I had to change a canopy size and substitute a few pieces to make a real brick model, but it turned out great! Here's my build! I'll call it "Poison Blossom". You know it's poisonous because there are spiders! Ooooo!


W00t! 200 Supporters!

Awesome! Water Lily has just surpassed 200 supporters! That is so great! Truthfully, this project is still one of my favorite projects. It's simple, it's small, and I think it creatively uses windshield parts in unexpected ways. If you haven't seen the latest render, please check it out in the previous update. If you like the project, but have not supported yet, please consider doing so! And as always, please feel free to share across your social media accounts! Thanks for the support so far! BuildFiend :)


New Water Lily Render and Support Update!

Hi guys, I wanted to spend a little time reevaluating projects that seem to have gained some popularity, and my Water Lily project is one of those projects. My focus became looking at the support pieces, where they were positioned, and how I could make them less conspicuous. So I made a few changes: 1) I incorporated clear bricks where there were multiple clear plates in a few of the petal supports, 2) I made the round plate at the base of the pistil smaller, 3) used clear round bricks as the support elements for the petals at the 45 degree locations so that I could bring the petals in a bit towards the pistil, making for a more compact arrangement of petals, and 4) I made a few minor adjustments to the lily pad design to incorporate the other changes. There is a slight reduction in the number of bricks in the model: 178 vs. 182 in the previous model. Without further ado, here is the new render followed by an LDD screenshot of the supports in red:

If you are not already aware, I also have another project out called Tinkerer's Tree House! It is currently on the "Popular This Week" list. It is a collaborative project that I completed with Nunki-psi! We would love to have your support, so please check it out! Here is the lead image for that project:

Thanks so much for your consideration! BuildFiend :)


Recommended Bookmark on ReBrick!

Awesome! The rendered image of this project under the updates tab has been selected as a Recommended Bookmark on LEGO ReBrick! This is one of my favorites, so I'm glad it's getting a little love!

It's on the front page--they cycle through the recommended bookmarks on a timer. Click on the last dot!


150 Supporters and Happy Mother's Day!

Hey guys! This project has made it to 150 supporters! That's great! If you are checking the updates for the first time, please take a look at the rendering in the previous update! It's really fantastic and does the project justice! 

If you have commented, supported, or followed--you have my thanks! If you have shared on social media--you have my undying gratitude for eternity! So--please share! :)

Okay! Thanks, so much for all the support! BuildFiend


Water Lily Render!

Okay, after much tweaking of the quality settings and multiple attempts, here is a rendered image of the Water Lily project! It was actually very tough to get a good image with all the transparent pieces, but here it is! Enjoy!



Featured on the ReBrick Blog!

Hey guys! Exciting news! I was chosen to be this week's "ReBricker of the Week". A profile story about my interest in Lego got posted to the official Lego ReBrick blog: project, along with a few others were specifically featured in the story! Check it out!


100 Supporters! Yay!

Thanks for all the support guys! So glad that I got to 100 supporters on this project. I think it's one of my more approachable and affordable sets. Thanks to everyone who has supported, commented, followed, or shared this project. I really appreciate it!


Let's get to 100!

So close! So close to 100 supporters! Please check out this project. It's simple, affordable, and I think it would sell. If you like it please support, comment, and share! Thanks! I would love to see it get to at least 100 supporters!


50 Supporters

This project has reached 50 supporters! Thanks so much for your votes. Please follow me or this project, and check out my other work too if you're interested! I plan to release semi-regular updates and a variety of future projects! Enjoy, and Thanks!