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Great Men of a Bygone Era


These are six of the greatest minds and explorers of a past era.  Discover gravity with Sir Isaac Newton, paint with Leonardo da Vinci, gaze at the stars with Galileo, ponder equation with Copernicus, traverse the earth with Captain James Cook, and discover America with Columbus.

I was studying Newton in science, and thought that this would be a terrific idea.  So, I designed this model of Newton, Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo, Copernicus, Captain Cook, and Columbus.

Newton's platform includes an apple tree and a name plate.  Leonardo da Vinci's platform includes a artist's easel with a painting, and a name plate.  Galileo's platform includes a telescope and a name plate.  Copernicus' platform includes a chalkboard, a chalk stick, and a name plate.  Captain James Cook's platform includes a map, a ship's wheel, and a name plate.  Finally, Columbus' platform includes a globe, a telescope, and a nameplate.

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