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Billiard Table


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Hello? I am a middle school student living in Korea.Most schools have winter vacation.So I made a special model with Legos. It's a Billiard Table!And I made the necessary tools for billiards.Why does he make these? The reason is simple :o Because Lego models do not have billiard tables. So I make this model. Now I explain the my model.From the first picture~the fourth picture is taken in the center of the billiard table.Just like a real game. The first photo is a ques,a que stand,a winner trophy, a scoreboard, and desk.The fifth picture and the sixth picture.This is a desk used in billiards.On the desk, there is a scoreboard and under the desk is a tool for storing tools.This chair sits on the player whose turn is over.The eighth and ninth picture is the que stand.It can be turned on directly.The last two pictures are the player.Now,Finish the explanation to my worksBilliard table's cloth was replaced by paper.And size is 16cm×9.5cmThank you for reading my explanatory sentence. Guys.

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