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Old Steel Mill


The old steel mill


I always liked the buildings of the 19th century. I got the idea to build an „old“ steel mill, when I thought about the time itself, with all its great inventions. Soon I knew that I wanted to build some kind of industry. Finally it became the steel mill.


I wanted to include some details such as the typical red brick most of the buildings from this time where build of (at least in GB), the roof or these great tall windows.

I also build two huge smelting furnaces, a conveyer belt, a rock crusher and a small generator to power some of these machines.

At the back of the main hall I wanted to show how the hot iron was casted into bars, which needs to be cooled and to be later transported by the cart.

The second floor of the building contains the office of the facility owner. With a big desk, a bookshelf and a great statue.


But a set without mini-figures is not that funny. So I wanted to include the facility owner, and three steel workers. These figures give you the possibility to create your own story. Is it a normal day at the steel mill? Or did something happened the owner, let’s call him Mr. Smith, is angry about and needs to talk with one of his employees in his office?


In my opinion it would be a great model for both, for display and for play.


In keywords:


-about 2200 parts (build on a 32x48 baseplate)

-4 mini-figures, with tools, cart and barrow and animals 

-detailed floors with interior 

-modular builded for easy removal



I hope you enjoy this creation as much as I do


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