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Spa & Salon

My second model is a breathtaking spa/salon with a unique/interesting color combination. The spa/salon includes 3 floors (excluding a roof), first-floor salon, second-floor spa, third-floor cafe with patio, over 20 minifigures, cabinets filled with anything and everything you'll need to run this shop, a bathroom, a skylight with solar panel, large rooftop sign, and a whole lot more! Note: This building is modular style, it can be connected to other models, such as 10224 Town Hall.

This is a view of the first floor. In the front you can notice three wig stands by the glass so that window shoppers can get interested and a check-in station so you can get prepared for a day of being pampered! There are (2) washing stations and (2) drying stations. In the back you will see a backdoor entrance with (3) trash cans and a giant cabinet collection of hair dyes.

Next you will located the second floor. The second floor includes a small bathroom in the corner, a sauna opposite of it, a waiting room with coffee maker, clock, and flower vase, and a small massage room with two beds. This room has large windows so that the staff can locate all of their customers!

Last but not least, here is the top floor. Level 3 includes a small cafe with water glasses and small treats for everyone. On the side is a nail salon with cabinets and views of the large deck overlooking the busy business district. On each side of the building you will locate the "shell" lights that will bright up both rooms. There is also a staircase so you can go upstairs to the rooftop of a fantastic building!

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