Product Idea


Richie, Fonzie and the gang are all at Arnold's, even Matsuo "Arnold" Takahashi is there. Joanie and Chachi are there as well for an after school snack. Even Mr. & Mrs. C show up! It is Highly decorated indoors and out, including wall art and a jukebox (Probably playing an ELVIS tune!)!
Even Ralph's jalopy is on hand! Build this set and be transported to this abc T.V. icon! Get Fonzie to brush his hair, let Potsie put a dime in the jukebox or Ralph eat an ice cream sundae! Hours of fun and plenty of memories of the 50's can be found after all you'll have...HAPPY DAYS with this playset!

The interior is detailed right down to the checkerboard floor! Attention was paid to the original set!

As you can see there are records, record covers on the walls and Chachi's basketball as well as Joanie's backpack! Speakers are there so you can "hear" the music and even a ketchup and mustard dispenser are present! Even a cash register and a pot for "ARNOLD" to cook from!
Even room for two booths! All this in a 16x16 base plate!

Ralph's 50s Jalopy!

Richie, Fonzie and his motorcycle!