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Baba Yaga House


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Hi everyone, my name is Luca, i’m italian and i’ve always been passionate about the lego world. Today i will accompany you to learn the story behind the “Baba Yaga House”. We will discover together where my idea came from.
Are you ready? Let's go!

  • The story of Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga is a character from Slavic mythology, as well as the imaginary figure of a fairy-tale. In the tales of the Eastern Europe area, she impersonates a tall, thin, old witch with messy hair. She moves by flying on a mortar, using the pestle as a rudder.

She lives in an elevated hut that rests on two crow's feet, which she can move and look around. Baba Yaga is also referred to as a source of advice: there are stories in which she is seen helping people on their journeys through the woods. In short, Baba Yaga is not only an evil witch, a character who is always negative regardless, but also a person to follow only with the certainty of a pure heart and good and wise intentions.

  • Inspiration 

I have always been fascinated by the discovery of new fairy-tale characters from various cultures around the world, and Baba Yaga is one of those mysterious and enigmatic characters that intrigued me more than anyone else.

  • About the set

The set consists of 2832 pieces and comes with one minifigure of baba yaga.

  • The creation process

The construction was created with the use of the program / Blender and Part Designer for the creation of tiles and other pieces with customized graphics. I’ve always been a graphics enthusiast and a decent designer. I really like this process which also gives a lot of space to the imagination.

  • Reason why it could become a great set

It is extremely rich in detail both in the external part but especially in the internal part, where we find numerous elements and each time you look at it you can discover new things. It is suitable both for adults to display it wherever they like, and for children given the extreme playability. There are also many interesting construction techniques, for sure you will love to build it!

  • Thank you

If you will love Baba Yaga as me and millions of children in Eastern Europe, and beyond, please support it, share it with your friends and feel free to leave a comment. Hopefully we can turn the BABA YAGA HOUSE into an actual LEGO Ideas set.Thank you all and wish you a good day

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