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S.W.A.T Truck


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What is it?

        As a specialized unit, S.W.A.T. teams require a vehicle that is both armored and mobile to be able to get to an emergency in any time.  Whether it be evacuating flood victims or transporting our heroes in blue to a crime, a versatile truck is needed at all times.  This is the Generic SWAT Van.  A design that was created with an up armored, Lenco Bear style in mind, but with integration of other characteristics such as the front grille and the turret.  Running boards along the sides allow for a crew to hang off of.  Plus, the interior is entirely empty, with the exception of a single chair and wheel for the driver.  This was intended for maximum and mission specific custom equipment, such as seats or computers.  The truck's main goal in the end though, is to get its passengers in and out alive.  



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