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Aragris City


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This is the Mostly floating city, a city built on a (mostly) floating island. The old buildings are made of a white material, and include docking spaces for airships. An aether spring near the center feeds the plants and creates a falling river. There are large gardens to sustain the citizens of the city, which are located near the edge. A bridge leading into a mountain and down to the jungle island below grants access to ships and a beautiful ocean. Two small wooden huts built on the main island are for visitors and citizens who are scared of heights. A blimp ferries goods and commodities to the floating island, Aragris. I built this because I love micro castles, and a Floating island would be fun. This could be placed any where, as long as you have space! (Personally, I would display this on a mantle place) An ornate base with leaves and other green pieces adds to the overall look of the MOC. Please comment on anything that can be changed, or could be added. Thank you!

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