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R.E.X. Flagship


The Bounty Hunter Ronin has taken over a Ninjago Flagship and plans to use it to capture the Ninja and finally finish them. Help Cole and Jay use the Ninja boat to save Lloyd from be taken up by the ship's crane! Use Ronin's 365 degree spinning cannons to destroy Cole and Jay from saving their Green Ninja friend! I had this idea a long time ago but I never got the chance to do something like this. I always liked the Destiny's Bounty and thought "What if a bad guy had a ship too?" I am hoping that this will indeed one day become a set and set sail through Ninjago. This set includes Ronin, 4 Ronin goons in Samurai suits, 2 Ronin goons in Karate Gis (As seen in the Video Game), The Stolen Flagship, Lloyd, Jay, Cole, 2 inflatable battle boats.

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