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Ninjago Big Mini's


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It has always been my dream to have an official Lego set that I created.  I made this set for a Lego Magazine Contest and it is such a great and simple set that I thought, "Why not submit it??"  Though not made to be the most playable, it is a set that works awesomely for display! For every 50 followers, I will add a new character or vehicle. If this set does become a real set, it could be in a cube with each "Big Mini" having its own bag. It could possibly be sold as an advent calendar type thing.  This set comes with the following Ninjago characters. ​

  1. Kai
  2. Cole
  3. Lloyd Garmadon
  4. Zane
  5. Jay
  6. Garmadon
  7. Sensei Wu

This is a great idea to support and to tell your friends to support to make a dream a treasured reality!

P.S. Right now I am working on some other projects like this one and some video game based sets so keep your eyes peeled! 

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