Hot Rod Garage

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This is my third Cuusoo project. The first is a large scale classic American hot rod and the second is a mid-scale custom hot rod pickup truck. I think my latest idea here is even better, because it's not just about one specific car. It's about designing your own hot rod. This is what "Hot Rod Garage" is all about.

For as long as there have been cars, there have been people making their rides their own. And it all started with the classic American hot rod. This conceptual product design reflects and celebrates that culture.

The Lego Group has produced a few hot rods over time. In 1994 there was Hot Rod Club (6561), a minifigure scale set that was part of the classic Town series (one of these cars was on the cover of a coloring book). The following year Blue Fury (5541) was added to the Model Team lineup and re-released in 2004. Some can be found more recently; the Technic Supercar (8070) from 2011 featured a hot rod as the B model, and a couple in last year's (2012) sets, including The Vampyre Hearse (9464) and Robbers' Hideout (4438). None of these models are like this concept, however.

I am proposing a set that truly captures the spirit of hot-rodding. This model, intended to be in the style of the Creator theme, includes extra pieces, so that you can customize your ride however you'd like. Choose your own body style (convertible, coupe, pickup, or sedan), wheels, tires, bench seat or bucket seats, regular doors or suicide doors, unlimited engine modifications, shift knobs, suspension height, and more. You could choose to have door handles, or a "shaved" design. Add a supercharger or keep it naturally aspirated. Place the side view mirrors at the bottom or top of the window pillar. Remove a few bricks for a "chopped top". The possibilities are endless. There could even be a sheet of various stickers you can choose from, including license plates, gauges, and paint graphics (flames, for example). I think it would be amazing if you could even choose your own color. Although, that may be asking for a bit much (it can't hurt to try). I think a modular design would work well, so that you can easily swap the engine for another and change the body style.

The set doesn't necessarily have to include all the additional pieces. In fact, it probably should not. With so many options, it would seem like the set could become unreasonably expensive rather quickly. Instead, an idea book could be included. Not only does that keep the cost down, but your customization options are virtually limitless.

I spent a considerable amount of time and money putting this together. I hope people will enjoy it. I tried my best to come up with a product that people would be excited over, that hasn't been produced before, and is not based on intellectual property. Even if it never becomes an official product, I'd be happy enough if this inspires people to build their own versions. I appreciate you viewing my project and your consideration.