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Joe's Interceptor


This set is 4 vehicles in one package. The first is the main interceptor / spaceship with three pilot "pods" each one of which is a vehicle in itself.

The main command module becomes a detachable single seat fighter and there are 2 x 2 man buggies on-board as well that slide off to "roll" into action.

Each of the vehicles is robust and survive playtime with my three year old son. It is however too complex for a three year old to build. I would say it is medium complexity to build. The chassis uses technic beams but is easily stitched together - this makes it very solid. The detachable vehicles clip into place so survive flight.

There are Marvel Avengers piloting it in the picture but this was just because Tony Stark and Hawkeye were to hand at the time. My son sees it as a vehicle for the Green Ninja that he doesn't own yet and with a little modification, perhaps some nice long green shell casings that we don't have or some other more Ninjago style weaponry it could lend to moving in that direction... with a little adaptation it might be more of a green dragon in style. It can contain a crew of 5 figures so plenty of room for a crew - could be good or evil. Equally it could lend itself to a more fantasy type space range - it is not Lego City.

The buggies would benefit from not being marked up with the Jedi logos but the 'cabin' piece from the Jedi Interceptor is what we had and the shape inspired the pod buggies, which serve as part of the overall interceptor style as well as being solid stand alone vehicles.

We think this model is robust, fun to play with and has potential to be easily adapted in a number of directions to fit in with different Lego product ranges. We made it in green but could be a different colour scheme. The kids definitely like the flexibility of the different vehicles and experience suggests that so far it appeals to 3-9 year olds. 

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