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America's Got Talent

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America's Got Talent is a great show, why not make it a LEGO set? This build has the cast as seen in season 14: Terry Crews, Simon Cowell, Julianne Hough, Gabrielle Union, and Howie Mandel!

Also, there are two other mini-figures included: A lady singer, and a magician (not referencing any previous contestants from the show). The singer comes with a microphone, and the magician has a table with cards.

The stage is made of transparent bricks, with a red sign that says: Americas Got Talent in the middle of the wall. There are Xs (which can be changed to red if buzzed) on the top, and there will be (if this becomes a set) a sticker with the judges' names under the Xs. There are lights on each side of the stage, and the stage is on a 24 x 24 base-plate.

The judge table has 4 black seats, each with a red buzzer, microphone, and drink cup. In the middle is the golden buzzer. The Xs on the front can be changed out to red ones if Simon (or another judge) buzzes the contestant. 

I hope you like this build! Feel free to check out my other projects if you like this one! :-)


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