Steel Brothers - Steel Rasp Achilles

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Now I bring you a new member to Steel Brothers family, his name is Steel Rasp, with a nick name "Achilles" which I will explain later。

Steel Rasp is a 4 wheels hi-mobility robot fighter, he is a mini MOC made by ~80 Starwars & Technical parts. As usual, it is not original from Star wars movie, just a personal creation but I wish it can become character of future Star wars movie.

The above pictures are showing armo-discharged poses from different angles. Steel Rasp is a flexible model which you can make a lot of modification accroding to your own interests

Here is a full range of armo system I developed for Steel rasp at this moment, he got long distance attack capability as well as close fighting weapons.

OKay, so why I call it "Achilles"? ... because he is designed to be undefeated (heavy armo and fast move), but his stortage is his "ankle", the wheels, especially during close fighting ^_^

Don't you like this heavily armed mini MOC? ^_^

Now that I present you a picture of whole Steel Brothers family, they are:
- Steel Thunder ... behind-left, view more details @
- Steel Rasp ... behind-right
- Steel Screw ... front-left, view more details @
- Steel Striker ... front-mid, view more details @
- Steel Sting ... front-right, view more details @

My friends, I hope you enjoy these mini MOCs and Your supports are sincerely appreciated always!

Enjoy LEGO!