Product Idea

The Stolen Ship

This fictional imperial merchant ship has been stolen by pirates. The creation is highly detailed and it has working elements which are listed below:

  • steering system controlled from the removable quarterdeck
  • There are two similar "wood" wheels to reef the sails and the anchor
  • pull-out drawer with two exciting areas
  • crane with net
  • behind the trapdoors you can find some cannon
  • working LED lights in the captain's cabin

The ship's body has strong statical structure but you can see inside the entire ship.

On the three and half floors you can find:

  • fully furnished captain’s cabin (below the removable quarterdeck)
  • prison
  • latrine
  • barn
  • kitchen

In the two boxes (drawers) you can find:

  • stockroom
  • hideout
  • cabins for crew

There are some exciting complementary part: cockboat, cannons, weapons and the treasure of the pirates.