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The Mountain Village


This project is a recreation of the second area, the Mountain Village, in the game The Legend of Zelda: Majoa's Mask, where it is unnaturally cold because of Majora [normally its warm there]. This project includes the snowy ground with sign, icy water with frozen platforms, metal latter [which is only visible by using the Lens of Truth], a glacier with a goron inside, a door that leads to the goron graveyard, the Lens of Truth, a sword and a shield. The Minifigures include Link, Goron Link, ghost Darmani and two gorons.

This project is the second in a series of Majora's Mask projects that recreate dungeon areas. This project, if it became a set, would be for the more hardcore fans of Zelda and LEGO, and would probably cost around $130-$150. Again, this is a dungeon area so that makes it important. Please support and share this project, and feel free to tell me about your projects so that I may support them.



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