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Limes Watchtower (ancient Rome)

I propose a set of a Limes watchtower with one Roman soldier and maybe two "barbarians".
The limes was the border between the Roman empire and the rest of the world. Parts of it are now part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Hadrian's Wall is probably the best known part of the Limes.

I used this and similar images as a model:

The Limes watchtower comes with a ladder to enter it and which can be taken in by the soldiers so they're safe inside. There are two sets of stairs inside to get to the upper level of the tower. The landing gives the watchmen a view over the surrounding area and the possibility to signal to the neighboring watchtowers.
One wall works like a huge door to ensure playability. The roof can also be taken off. The design as presented here contains of 602 pieces in white, reddish brown, dark tan, earth orange, orange and light bluish grey.

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Changed some pieces to a darker shade, as suggested by george.adams.

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