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ISA Spacecrafts

I present to you, the Israeli Space Agency Spacecraft collection!
I made the most famous spacecrafts of the ISA, the Ofek-11, TesCAR, EROS, and Amos-3 Satellites.
ISA is not a very popular space company, but they make amazing spacecrafts, so I wanted to tribute it by making these models.
Here are the stats on the models:
Ofek - 11:
This has 148 pieces, including the baseplate.

This has 149 pieces, including the baseplate.

This has 144 pieces, including the baseplate.

This has 178 pieces, including the baseplate.

The model as a whole has 619 pieces, including all the baseplates.

I made this model because I have always had an interest in space, and as far as I know of, these have not been done before on Lego Ideas!

I think this would make a great Lego set because first of all because it would be affordable, and it would be fun to have on a shelf, and playable too!

Note: I show two versions above. A white piece version and a black piece version, because there are different pictures on the spacecrafts that I went off of, that featured both colors.