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The Iron Giant


My version of the Iron Giant. Not as giant, but very articulated has a good amount of accessories, and may be affordable to purchase due to small size. Has stud launchers for more playability and more can be added if necessary to improve it. I find that this would be a fun part to your collection, I know I would want one. 

   I made this as a tribute to my favorite childhood movie which I know that others love this movie. I spent a good amount of time improving this guy till I felt ready to make into the project it is now. The Iron Giant you see here started of a little stiff and not the right colors, then I gave more articulation with Technic parts, then I got mixed joints and that made him look a lot better, and some touch ups and adding parts for berserk mode and he was complete. 

    I do hope that this is the version that you want, it would be a lot cheaper than the full scale and the mini Hogarth would be a minifig trophy piece and has that toyetic quality that would be suitable for all ages. The choice is yours 

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