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The Secret of the French Baguette


The French baguette is even better if served hot straight out of the oven.

In the bakery you have both oven and shop. Imagine the great smell of fresh bread as soon as you enter the shop!

Treat yourself to everyday classics as simple as French baguette, croissants and brioches, not forgetting our delicious raspberry and lemon pies, chocolate truffles or our splendid homemade cake with mango and vanilla blueberry!

Our bakery also serves international specialties such as cupcakes, cookies, sandwiches, pizzas, hot dogs, pretzels ...

The layout of the shop has been thought out

  • a self-service corner for chocolates, cookies and blueberry cakes,
  • a showcases to display the famous croissants, sandwiches, homemade pies ...

And, of course, with windows to see the oven from the shop!

I recommend this bakery !

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