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The Renegade: Micro-Scale Steampunk Airship


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Airships are a key feature of the Steampunk world, and therefore I felt it would be a great idea to make an original Steampunk Airship. It is named 'The Renegade,' and has 471 pieces in total. It is about a third of the size of a normal LEGO set, to reduce the amount of pieces that were neccecary to build the ship. The balloon is made of pieces put together in all six different directions, and on the ship there are many pieces which have been built on sideways.

The side view of the Airship shows most of the main details, including a few pieces which have not previously been in the colour gold. It also shows three of the six visible cannons, with the two on the upper deck being positioned next to the engine or generator, that powers the two propellors on the back. It uses a pair of golden binoculars, along with two silver roof tiles with lattices, and two silver taps. The picture of the ship alone shows more detail of what is on the ship.

The view of the back shows the many details on the back of the ship, including a golden revolver. A few of the other details include a pair of wings, another pair of golden binoculars a golden lego minifigure head, and many golden round pieces. I think that this would make a really good concept for a LEGO set, as it looks great to be used as a display piece, except could also be played with.

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