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LEGO Playstation 2 (Basic Design)


The Sony Playstation 2, such an iconic name in millions of home across the world. Did I mention its the best selling games console of all time. Its about time this piece of history got its own LEGO set for all fans to buy and put on display. This set includes removable memory cards and a stand based on the exact stand that came with the original Playstation 2. This set is made up of 1468 pieces and I think would fit in the creator range or a whole new range just for games consoles such as the Xbox and Xbox 360.

The sets it just a basic design for example the two colored 1 x 1 could be replaced by a black 1 x 1 brick and a sticker placed over the top to make it look like the actual power and disk eject button, and the silver 1 x 3 brick could be replaced with a black 1 x 3 brick with a sticker of the Sony Logo, another sticker that could be added is the big "PS2" and "Playstation 2" sticker on the side if the console, and the small blue square on the bottom right of the machine could have a sticker put over the top to make it look like the USB ports on the console, by adding these stickers it could make the look of the set more realistic, this would have been done but the software I used didn't allow me to do this.

Please show your support and get this set to 10000 supporters so it reaches The LEGO Company, if you have any questions please ask them, if you would like to view this product download and LEGO Digital Designer and download my file using the link



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